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COLORADO-3D is a www-tool that greatly facilitates the visual analysis of various features in three-dimensional protein structures, directly at the level of the protein structure, with the aid of commonly used viewers such as RASMOL or SWISSPDBVIEWER.

Among the features most important for the structural biologist that our server allows to visualize in color are potential errors in protein structure (detected by ANOLEA, PROSA, PROVE,VERIFY3D), regions buried in the protein core and inaccessible to the solvent, and regions of high or low sequence conservation (e.g. detected by RATE4SITE).

In particular COLORADO3D may serve to visualize the results of assessment of the protein structure's quality at various stages of the model building and refinement (both in the case of experinemtal structure determination and homology modeling).

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Two alternative homology models of protein 1h7m colored according to the results of structure evaluation with the VERIFY3D method

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